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Donation Pick Up: Making It Easier To Reach Out With A Helping Hand

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Reaching out the less fortunate and extend a helping out is something everyone needs to do these days. In addition to the hard times most people are experiencing, there is the growing need to make a connection with others around us and help make things better for them. A charity pick up service, for instance, can do a lot for any charitable organizations in the local and national levels.

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When someone wishes to donate a vehicle to help charities in their activities, one does not only end up helping out but also gets rewarded for it in the form of a private income tax return. For some people, the second one is a highly motivating factor behind the intention to donate.

The value of the said deduction is based on the donor’s own estimate of the vehicle’s value in case it is below $500. In order to regulate the pumping up of deductions, the IRS made new rules, which determines the deduction based on the charity’s disposal of the donated vehicle.

A used car is accepted if it considered repairable. Further specification provided for the acceptance of the donated vehicle if it can be repaired at an amount that is significantly lesser than the amount the charity can get the said vehicle sold at.

When a donation is made, it takes one to two days for the donated vehicle to be picked up. Someone who makes a car donation can indicate the amount on the IRS Form 1098-C. This amount can be determined with ample consideration on the gross proceeds of the deductible amount. It is actually also possible not to take up the donation on one’s tax return.

Brand new and unused vehicles are also accepted as donations. In fact, charities and similar institutions are deemed to be highly lucky if they end up with such. The good things that donating entails surpass that of actually putting a vehicle on sale. One does not have to bear the burden of advertising, the necessity of paying for vehicle registration and the responsibility of keeping the vehicle ample insured and well enough until a buyer comes around.

An assessment of the vehicle to be donated is taken from the points of vide of the donor as well as that of the charity. It should be usable and complete with all the parts necessary for it to be effective and useful.

On the donation process per se, one can arrange for the vehicle to be picked up by the charity. However, if it is not so much trouble for the donor, the car can be dropped off at the charity’s office. This can prove to be highly helpful to the charity as it does not have to hire a towing service to bring the vehicle to the charity’s location.

With this great option at hand, there is no reason good enough to let a working vehicle be left in the corner to gather dust and eventually be inefficient. Giving a donation pick up service is going to be a highly appreciated act of kindness. Whether the charity sells the said vehicle or uses it for its mission, the overall value it brings to the organization and to those who are benefited by the works of the said organization is priceless.

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