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Furniture Donation Pick Up

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For those who are in so much need, having a piece of furniture to sit on is probably the list thing in mind. It is a good thing that there are people who are generous enough to share what they have. However, furniture donation pick up might cause a huge problem for both donors and charitable organizations.

Furniture Donation Pick Up

Furniture Donation Pick Up Photo by Oskay via Flickr

When it comes to helping, nothing should stop a kind heart from reaching out. Whether it involves food items, clothing articles or even unused furniture pieces, someone might find it very useful. However, donors should bear in mind the fact that damaged ones are most likely going to end up useless to the receiver. Donated items do not necessarily have to be sparkling new, but they should be functional.

Since most belongings tend to take a special place in the owner’s heart, it is understandable that most people tend to have second thoughts when it comes to letting go of even the most worn out couch in the corner of the attic. Probably the thought of some people sitting on the cold floor because they do not have anything to sit on is enough inspiration to donate the said couch.

Once the donation has been decided, another issue comes around. Furniture items are generally heavy and bulky. Unlike clothes, which can be folded and placed in boxes that are convenient for dropping off the donation in the charity, donating furniture means greater effort and really having to go out of one’s way.

Some charitable organizations are luck enough to have their own vehicle to serve as a furniture donation pick up service. It can be a donation from another concerned individual or the fruit of the organization’s effort to make the donations better and easier for the donors.

One of the best ways to donate household items to charity is through the National Furniture Bank Associate. This is basically a network of facilities scattered throughout the country, which is focused on collecting furniture and other household items donated by their owners. They pick up the donations and distribute them to those who are in need of them.

Another nonprofit group that can deal with the reuse of discarded things such as secondhand furniture and related household items is the Reuse Development Organization. This organization highly encourages charities to accept furniture donations. It even has a list of the said charities.

The widely-known charitable organizations that are easily accessible locally include the Salvation Army, Goodwill Stores, Big Brothers, Big Sisters and the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Local churches are also a good bridge between a kind donor and the people in need. The donated furniture can be given to the people who need them or be sold for additional funds to support the organization’s activities.

A kind heart is going to be rewarded. Giving out and sharing with others what one has is actually really fulfilling. It might be that the charity does not have its own furniture donation pick up service, and one can take the effort an inch higher by personally dropping off the furniture items to be donated at the charity’s office.

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