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Stem Cell Donation

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We hear heaps nowadays about stem cell research, but many folks are ignorant of what precisely stem cells are and what can be done with them.

Stem Cell Donation

There are a few sorts of stem cells including adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells.

Adult stem cells reside throughout the body inside tissue, blood and organs ; they’re bounteous and widely available. Adult stem cells makes reference to the stage or maturity of the stem cell.

They also are found in the tissues of the umbilical twine ( after live birth ), spinal nerve, fat, bone marrow, dental pulp, nasal hole, brain, marginal blood, arteries, skeletal muscle, skin, cornea, digestion, retina, liver, and pancreas. Marginal stem cell transplantation is the method of removing the stem cells from one individual and giving them to a recipient- in my case it was my bro. In most situations donors are brothers since tissue type is most matching to the patient’s own.

After it had been determined that I used to be a perfect match for my bro, I had a physical and unending blood work. I passed my tests and then it was on to phase one. This concerned 6 days of receiving neupogen shots which excite the releasing of stem cells from the bone marrow into my blood so they can be harvested for my bro. It is important in this period to drink masses of water. I had made a decision to go to the infirmary every day for the shots, but some people decide to inject themselves at home. The shots sting a bit and after the 1st a couple of days, mild bone aches began- usually in my hip and sternum.

It was nothing that an occasional tylenol could not cure. On the 5th day, I reported to the surgery first thing in the morning and was prepped for the apheresis or the gathering of my stem cells.

I was hooked up to a centrifuge machine : one line brought the blood out from one arm into the machine where the blood was separated and the stem cells were picked up into a bag. My blood, minus the stem cells, then returned to me in another arm. In the process, an anticoagulant was going through my system to stop clotting and calcium was also given. Except for the pain of being in bed and unable to move around for six or 7 hours, it wasn’t unpleasant or upsetting. Sadly , the 1st crop didn’t capture enough stem cells for my brother- this is decided by patient weight, so I returned to the infirmary the following morning to copy the process.

I had been worried about side effects from the Neupogen as well as the apheresis, but the sole side effect was a couple of days of fatigue. My advice to anyone considering a marginal stem cell process is to learn as much as you can ahead. Raise questions of the doctors and nurses who are caring for your beloved one and who are working with you. The procedure is far less painful than bone marrow aspiration. Many of us are scared when it comes to the topic of blood, but the more that you understand what is happening, the less scared you’ll be.

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